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the debut novel from
m. l. Winitsky

A Fly on the Wall

The Discovered Journals of Heinz Linge
Valet to Adolph Hitler
Volume One

In this immersive epistolary novel, M. L. Winitsky brings elements of magical realism and a rarely seen perspective to the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler, and shows us how the underestimated among us can change the course of history.

M. L. Winitsky

M. L. Winitsky is a former university professor, historian, consultant, and researcher for television living in Southern California. His life-long, academically informed fascination with alternate history at last led to writing A Fly on the Wall, the first in his three-volume magic realism epic.

Articles and Observations from M. L. Winitsky

Scrawl On The Wall


(A Fly on the Wall is) as thoroughly entertaining and hypnotic as John Kennedy Toole’s cult classic, A Confederacy of Dunces. Almost against my will, I was pulled into Winitsky’s web. Stunning, entertaining, and consummately worthwhile…

– Hugo N. Gerstl

International Bestselling Author of

Scribe, Against All Odds, and The Wrecking Crew


“(A Fly on the Wall is)…a captivating book..!”

– Roberta Edgar

eight-time vice-president of the Independent Writers of Southern California